Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Salam and good day readers,

While I was busy thinking of some quality write-up topic to be written as my blog entry yesterday, a colleague of mine came to my workstation. We, then, started talking about life, our children, human nature and etc.

It's always interesting to bring up a topic that we could discuss and  be able to express whatever we have in our minds to others. I appreciate all the pros and cons that happen in life. In any aspect, there will always be a wide, various ranges of opinions which can be complementary or opposing towards each other. To be specific, we did discuss about 'favoritism'. Thank you Laili  for the fruitful discussion! 

People with a positive attitude are often favored for their energetic and outgoing personalities. People happy with their jobs are more productive. People with a less positive attitude can bring the morale of the entire work force down. All it takes is one bad apple. Favoritism exist everywhere. It starts in school, maybe even as low as grade school, and continues all the way up until you die. That's just the way the world works right now. People with better looks are often favored over less attractive workers. Being qualified for your job is very important. Many people considers themselves qualified but end up not getting that promotion. Perhaps these people are shy or don't come off as intelligent. Men are more likely to ask their bosses for a raise. Women are less likely to speak up and fight for that position. Sometimes it comes down to sexism, class-ism, or racism. But mostly I think it comes down to butt kissing. You need to make friends in high places, mingle with them and that's how it has always been.

Take favoritism, discrimination or prejudice in the workplace that has transformed our lives into an unpleasant and complex network of human interactions. More often than not, we don't eaven know where we stand. Forced into a maze of possible pathways, thinking of 'what', 'why' or 'how' is harder when it is deep-rooted in the organization's culture and is cascaded from the very top. And then we talk about our company core values....heyy, thats funny isn't it?

We always use modern concepts such as 'corporate social responsibility', 'fair-trade', 'sustainability', 'social enterprise', 'well-being' and 'work-life balance'..(million thanks to Prof Razli for introducing me all those concepts). Talking from a macro prespective, organizations seem to be heading in the right direction. However, a closer look at the individual may reaveal a contradictory personal picture. Let us face it, western or eastern, individualistic or collectivist, we are all harried at some stage of our career by these internal politics.

What say you guys about this issue?

My du'a is...may Allah swt always give us strength to face all the challenges and blessed our journey of life ~ Amin

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Treat others with respect

Assalamualaikum & Good day everyone,

Have you ever being condemned publicly for your appearance, hijab, apparel, etc? Constructive criticism? That is more than acceptable, but not to the extend of humiliating others. For whatever reason, people with good manners do not talk about potentially embarrassing private/sensitive issues in public.

Its not about what filth comes out of a mouth, it's about the filth that exists in the minds and hearts of people. Words are cheap and people say what they know is acceptable and what will be accepted and what people want to hear but what is in ones heart and mind is what matters in the end.

What does Islam teach on manners and dealing with others? True muslim should treat others with respect and open arms. True muslim don't bring filth upon their mouth.

Treating people with respect makes your world nice place to live in, whether it's at home, at office, or out in your community. And it's easy; all you have to do is treat people the way you like to have them treat you. Here are few ideas for us to ponder..

  • Don't ever insult people or make fun of them. *what do you feel when people do the same to your loved ones*
  • Listen to others when they speak.
  • Value other people's opinions.
  • Be considerate of people's likes and dislikes.
  • Don't mock or tease people.
  • Don't talk about people behind their backs.
  • Be sensitive to other people's feelings.
  • Don't pressure someone to do something he/she doesn't want to do.

May we become a better person each day! Becoming a better person takes desire and willingness to look at yourself with brutal honesty. The start of the journey may be bumpy at times, but the results can be very rewarding. Insya'allah...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

14th Anniversary

It seems like yesterday the solemnization  ceremony was held at my hometown on 3.3.1997.

14 years has passed.

We have been through all the ups and downs, just like any other normal couples do. I’m glad that we went through all the discussions, heated debates and arguments at some time or perhaps not talking to each other for a few hours or so. And just be in silence, either out of ego or anger. Without all that, I don’t think we will ever appreciate what we both have done for our marriage now. I’m sure you feel the same. It was all the tough things that has happened that made us who we are now.

14 years has passed.

We learn more of ourselves day by day. We talked, we laughed, we smiled. And we cried. The manifestation of all kinds of feelings, is a view of how we are sincere with each other. I am so grateful that I met you in my life. And I confess that no better man can be my man, except you.

For you accept me for my strength, for my weaknesses. And you helped me, to become a better person. Maybe without you ever realising it. You have touched me, with all the kind deeds that I have seen from you.

14 years has passed.

It wasn’t easy for us, for we have so many differences despite having the same thoughts on certain things every now and then. Uniting these differences, appreciating it and trying to achieve the same goal despite being in disagreement, is how we manage our lives.

14 year has passed.

We are no perfect couple. There is just so many things in life that we have yet to set ourselves to achieve. But I’m happy, for the fact that we have made progress. This little progress is what we have been focusing on. We might take time to bloom, but our time will come soon. Insya Allah, with His blessing in what we do, things will not be as difficult as we thought it will be. In fact, time is the essence of our marriage. I believe we can go far.

14 years has passed.

Today is our 14th Anniversary..

No words can describe how I am just glad. To have met you. To be your wife. To spend the rest of my life with you.

I believe you are a different person today. I know that you have changed a lot since the past few years. The changes might not be apparent to others, but it is embedded in you. And I’m honoured to be part of your life, witnessing all the things you do, and I am mostly honoured, to be part of you, because, in so many ways, you complete me.

Happy 14th Anniversary ARMJ

May you be blessed always in life, with rezeki, with rahmah and with love. Insya'allah...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Cooking has always been part of my life! Nevertheless, it has been months since I last cooked a complete meal. Now that I have officially finished my post grad study, it's time to deal with the wok and cook up a storm. It's not easy to pick up the pace after a long time away. This applies to everything in life, including cooking.  Last weekend, I tried cooking something based mostly on imagination and a little on past experiences. I always inspired by a cooking show on TV by Chef Michael Smith, Anna Olson, Jamie Oliver, Nigella and last but not least our local chef who is none other than Chef Wan. My baker friends/sisters too have been a constant source of inspiration for me in the last few years.  

My inspiration comes from replicating what I tried before in eateries, watching cooking shows, collecting recipes through magazines and papers, and even to the extent of you-tubeing (wonder if there’s such a word) for foreign cooking shows. How technology has come off age and influences our lives! Enjoy the piccas peeps..

 Bread & butter pudding with custard sauce

 Cake pudding ~ Combination of sponge cake & pudding

 Homemade Mee Jawa

 Carrot Cake & Creme Cheese Topping

 Kung Pao Chicken

 Nasi Pilaf & Roast Chicken

 Fish & Chip

Prawn Olio Spagetthi

 Mushroom Omelette with Sausage for Breakfast

 Lamb Stew

 Lemon Rosemary Grilled Chicken

 Baked Macaroni

Grape Jelly with Sparkling Grape Juice
 Grilled lamb wt brown sauce, mashed potatoes & salad

 Swedish Meat Ball with creme sauce

Lamb Briyani, Tomato & Raita Sauce
 Hot Pot Potatoes

 7-up Steam Cake

 Chezzy corn-tuna stuffed jacket potatoes
Char Kuey Teow

 Wholemeal bread Beef Kebab

 Chicken & Mushroom Pie

 Spagetthi Bolognese

Black Forest Trifle
Salted Egg Yolk Crab
Pulut Seri Muka

Layered Baguette & Beef
Steamed Chocolate Cake
Beef Lasagna

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We'll be missing u AK....

It has been week that AK left our department and join the most glamorous one in the organization..*which suits him actually*.  I always feel that he has been blessed since the very beginning of his career path. Let me share with you how this Terengganu guy first came to KL.

This charming guy started his career as a frontliner in Terengganu Branch. Lucky him...he has been proposed by our sr vice president to move to HQ. But that was years back, now, again he has been chosen to be in the group communication line. Alhamdulillah…whatever he wishes has been granted. Am truly proud of him..

BON VOYAGE AK!!! Best of luck in your future endeavours...

 Our GM, Mr HZ on his informal speech

 AK, thanking everyone in the department
*Notice... manjerrlulu standing beside AK*

 Potluck for breakfast

 Sorry adindalisa, your workstation has been turned to buffet table

 my unit..thorn among the roses...oppsss....no rose among the thorns..
yeahh thats it supposed to be...

 yours truly with AK

 we get this from Marks & Spencer for  AK

had 3 plates of rojak...errkkk
*huaaa...someone tell me how to kurus la...*

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1st post of mine...

It has been decade that I been wanted to have a blog of my own. Being a queen of procrastination…this is my major dilemma. At last after feeling challenged by the existence of nabilahqisteena I take all the courage to establish this new-born-blog.

I know…I know… its already too late blogging about the activity done during maulidur rasul public holiday. But its better late than never I presume..So here it goes…..
spending the peaceful morning with my bestie 

 to the favorite destination too

opps..forgot to mention that animismail joined us too

fallen in love with this whitey hobo bag 
*now it has landed safely in yours truly wardrobe*

 end-of-shopping session

That saturday night saw me and my other half joining the Maulidur Rasul celebration at Masjid Wilayah, KL. The crowd was truly amazing, lead by Sheikh Mohammad Fuad Kamaludin Al-Maliki.  My heart was trembling to hear the spirited lecture by Tn Sheikh. Felt very blessed being the selected ones to attend this event and I truly pray and hope our STIAS's student will continue to fight for the religion of Allah and the Prophet Rasullallah.

 Met my son, Mohd Huzaifah at the event

 Mr Hubby a.k.a warisanemas with Mohd Huzaifah

Helping him to pack things before boarding the bus

Mohd Huzaifah and the rest of STIAS's students came all the way from Rembau to join this remarkable event. Mr Hubby and me miss him badly...He's all grown up! It seems like yesterday I held my baby boy on my arms..sob..sob..At around 10.30pm we sent him to the bus which will bring all the students back to Rembau. Good bye Mohd Huzaifah...Insya'allah, we'll meet again soon my dear son...